The Gardens of Charleston

In the last post I wrote about Digging In 2019 which was held in Charleston, South Carolina.  Have you been? If not, I recommend it!

Charleston is an amazing city with beautiful flowers, historic homes and great food!  Charleston is full of fun things to do.

I first visited Charleston in October to see if it would make a great place for Digging In. I couldn’t stop taking pictures! Around every corner were beautiful window boxes, quaint gardens and historic homes to see.

This will be a three-part post since I have so many photos! In this post, I’ll show you what’s behind the beautiful garden gates. The next post will showcase the two plantations we visited and the third post will be dedicated to the window boxes around the city.

Let’s go behind the garden gates and get a glimpse of the private gardens!


The Charleston Horticultural Society put together a tour of four private gardens for the Digging In attendees.  At each garden we were able to meet the homeowner and hear about their love of gardening.

Two of our gracious homeowners/garden guides.  Southern hospitality at its best!

Here are a few of my favorite areas from the gardens we visited.

The next photos are from Mrs. Whaley’s Garden, made famous by this book.

The book is a quick, entertaining read, giving a glimpse of what it’s like to garden in the south.  It was fun to read the book and then see the garden, it was exactly how I had pictured it!

Spotted this beauty as we were walking to another garden.

It was a delightful February afternoon in the gardens of Charleston!