A Fun and Natural Easter Table

Need some inspiration for an Easter table? I put together a fun and natural table setting for Easter. The best part was it only cost $18 and it was fun to make!

My inspiration began at the good old Target dollar bins! I found these for $1 and I knew they would be perfect for the Easter table!


I bought 4, aren’t they cute? You can even write on the bunny, it’s a chalkboard.

The bunny boxes were just the right size to add in wheat grass for that natural touch! Wheat grass is also known as cat/pet grass and you can buy it at your supermarket in the produce section for only a couple of dollars. The wheat grass will grow like crazy and you can cut it and it will continue to grow. I bought the wheat grass two days ago and it’s grown over 2″, it’s just about ready for a hair cut!IMG_5251 (2)

Let’s put it all together! It was so simple, I’m not kidding anyone can do this. Nothing fancy, just fun and natural!


The Peeps make it fun! I used skewers and toothpicks to poke them in the wheat grass.

DSC_0163 (2)

The silver container is actually a pencil holder but I knew it would make a great vase too!  I filled it with forced forsythia and pussy willow branches.

The bud vases also act as place card holders. I love the wine glasses, and they are on sale. Here is the link if you want to check them out http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-2291219/Green+Floral+Embossed+Wine+Glass


Instead of chocolate as a favor on the table I bought the bubble gum eggs at the dollar store. I thought the packaging was cute and they would be a fun addition to the table.



DSC_0180 (2)


This morning I sat down to have my breakfast and I noticed moss on the table runner and then I Noticed a toothpick was EMPTY. Someone took one of the Peeps!!

DSC_0103 (2)

I guess that’s what happens when you have two boys in the house that love Peeps! I’m sure they will all be missing before Easter arrives. Poor little Peeps, good thing I bought extra!

DSC_0153 (2)


Hope you found some inspiration in the photos!

Wishing you a Happy Easter!