New Annuals for 2016

The countdown is over and spring has arrived!  I wish that meant that I could start planting flowers, but in Michigan it’s still too cold. In the meantime, I will just dream about it!

I am so excited about the new annual flowers for 2016. Last year I got a sneak peek at some of the new flowers and let me tell you, it’s going to be a great summer!

Here are a few of my new favorites!

Mystic Illusion Dahlia- I’ve always liked dahlias as a cut flower but never been crazy about them in containers or in annual beds. My mind has been changed.  I saw these dahlias planted in annual beds last summer and they were AMAZING! The leaves are almost black and the flower is such a bright yellow, it’s a showstopper!


Colorblaze Velveteen- When I saw this I knew I had to have it! The color is out of this world, love it!

CBVelveteen_TG_PW_2014_4-SM (1)

Superbena Sparkling Ruby- The variation of color on this flower is awesome! It will be great in mixed combos.


Lucia Ultraviolet Lobelia- Another showstopper in person, the color is so intense!  I’m looking forward to trying this, even though Lobelia can be a little temperamental.


Coleus Campfire- Can’t go wrong with orange and you can’t go wrong with a coleus!


San Francisco Begonia- I love the Santa Cruz Begonia which is orange so I am sure I will love this one too!


Cordyline Electric Flash- Love this, but I doubt it will be available in Michigan. 🙁 Cordyline is great to use for height in containers, a welcome change from the typical purple fountain grass.

Cordyline Electric Flash

Celosia Intenz Lipstick- This is a fun plant with a fun name!


Supertunia Honey- This is an interesting Supertunia.  It’s hard to describe, I’ll just say it’s vintage looking. I don’t think it will be a great fit for everyone, but I know some people will love it!


Nemesia Blueberry -a-la-mode- What a great name! This flower has spring written all over it and it will tolerate cold temperatures.


Verbena Meteor Shower- I am SUPER DUPER excited about this! Why you ask? Trust me on this, it will be the favorite in plantings this year! The species, Verbena bonariensis has been around forever and I’ve used it for a long time, but it gets huge and it can get out of control. This is the first time it’s available in a small version which means it can be used in so many more ways!  Added bonus, butterflies love it!


Anytime Plum Good Pansiola- You’re thinking a pansy, big deal, but this is not just any old pansy. This pansy is for pansy lovers that want pansies all summer long because it won’t quit even when it gets hot. I love pansies, but I don’t think I need them all summer long or do I?AnytimePlumGood_TG_PW_2014_1-LG

There you have it,  a small peek at what’s new this year. Do you have a favorite?