More on Digging In

Oh my gosh!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this gathering, Digging In!  It’s been one week since it went live and the response has overwhelmed me! I’m humbled, I’m touched, I just can’t believe it!  The best part is, I’m so DANG excited and inspired by what is about to happen!! Oh sorry, did I already tell you I was excited about this? I can hardly contain myself!

Something magical is about to happen, a new community is being cultivated and it’s about to bloom, the opportunities for all of us are endless!

We have an awesome group so far, only a few seats left!  I cannot wait to meet each one of these creative business owners!

Our speakers are top-notch and this event is not to be missed!

Full details about the gathering can be found at

Let’s DIG IN to What WE Do!