Spring 2017-A Rough One

Warning this blog post does not contain pretty pictures of flowers, stop reading now if that’s what you want to see.  This job is not always pretty and I want to share that side of it with you.

Wow! I’m not sure where to start! Spring 2017 was a rough one in many respects! All out of my control which makes it more difficult!

As usual we had a May freeze, but it seemed even worse this year. It was May 8-9 when we had night temperatures in the 20’s. Even though I hadn’t done any plantings yet, I had a lot of stock here, put away and tucked in nicely for the cold nights. Didn’t matter, “tender” things were toasted after that cold of a night! Happens every year, you think by now I would know better to just sit tight and wait!

Here’s a tray of coleus demolished by the freeze-

Then came the winds, seriously wind like never before! I had trays and flats blown right off the racks, literally blown right out of their pots. Flowers were scattered everywhere! It was a serious mess. The wind never stopped for two weeks straight, high winds especially in the afternoons. Nothing but annoying and damaging to the plants and to me. Lots of extra work created by the wind this year! Mother Nature always wins!

Wind damaged flowers aren’t pretty-


Another not so pretty part of the job hit early this year. Poison Ivy. Not sure why, but for the 16 years I’ve being doing this I could be exposed to poison ivy and not be affected by it. I always said I was immune to poison ivy.  For whatever reason, last year I had poison ivy with a vengeance three times! It’s only June and I’ve already had it strike me again. Now I feel like if I look at it, I get it! I won’t gross you out with pictures of what I looked like last summer when I had poison ivy on my entire body. I wouldn’t wish my experience with it last summer on anyone.

The start of something nasty on my arm a few days ago, poison ivy-

It was June 5 and the rush of planting was winding down. It was the first day I could  come up for a breath. I had finished loading the trailer that evening with my favorite canine companion, Norma J, our beloved beagle. She always kept me company late into the evenings while I worked outside. It happened that quick, right in front of my eyes, Norma J lost her life after being hit by a car in front of our house. Sadness and lots of tears in our house that night.

Loading the trailer and watering the flowers has not been the same since June 5.  I didn’t realize how comforting it was having Norma J with me late into the night until she was no longer there.  Spring 2017 ended on a sad note.  I dedicate all the beautiful flowers I planted this season that I hope bring happiness to so many this summer to the best canine companion I had for the past 8 years. She was great company during all the busy seasons, not sure how I will handle them without her! She lived a great life and we were lucky to have her be a part of our family for many years. We know Norma J will be eternally happy chasing rabbits and smelling all the pretty flowers.

Norma J, photo taken last fall-


Sorry to leave on a sad note, I promise to have pictures of pretty flowers in my next post.