4 More Great Reads

In my previous post  I listed my Great Garden Reads.  I do enjoy reading about gardening but I also enjoy other books too.  Thanks to our extended summer temperatures I’ve had some extra time to read a few more titles that I think are worth sharing with you!

Enchanted August–  If I’m not by the ocean then I want to read a story that takes place near the ocean, on a quaint island in Maine. It’s a light-hearted, fun read that is great for summer.

The Summer House– Another great beach or pool side book! I read this in less than two  days, couldn’t put it down once I started reading it!


The Year We Turned 40– At first I didn’t think I’d get into this one. But, I did and I ended up loving it! Another fun read.


Present Over Perfect-This book may not be for everyone but, it was life-changing for me! I haven’t highlighted book since I’ve been in college but this book made me to bust out the old highlighter. I’m on my third reading of the book because after I few months go by, I feel like I need a reminder of the AWESOME messages that are in this book.

The first two times I read Present Over Perfect the study guide hadn’t been released so on my third reading I also purchased The Present Over Perfect Study Guide


I have a feeling my summer reading is over this year, as fall plantings are now taking up much of my time. Until next summer, I hope you enjoy some of these books as much as I did!