A Day in the Life of Planting Flowers

It’s been a busy planting week and this coming week will be even busier.  There is always a big push to have as many planting jobs done as possible by Memorial Day Weekend.  This coming week is the busiest season of the entire year in the flower industry.
We survived the freeze last weekend, it got down to 27 degrees on Sunday night.  Almost all the plants came through fine since they were protected except a few trays of coleus and basil.  I had another truck load of flowers come in on Tuesday so I have flowers coming out of my ears!  Watering everything takes about 1.5-2hours, so I usually split it up by doing half in the morning and the remainder in the evening.
Here’s a look at the day in the life of a flower planter’s schedule 🙂
6:15am-Start watering
7:15-Finish loading trailer
8:15-First job of the day
9:15-4pm-Depending on the size of the jobs I have on the schedule I can usually get to 5-7 planting jobs in a day
5pm-Finish watering
6:30-Load trailer for next day (this takes a ton of time and thought…I take into consideration each job for the next day, what colors are needed, sun or shade and how many plants will be needed
9:45-By now it’s usually too dark to see what I’m doing so I call it a day and head to the office
10:00pm-Invoice jobs that were done that day

Enjoy the pictures of some of the plantings I did this week