Winter Wonderland

Our winter wonderland started early this year! November 9 to be exact, we were hit with a winter storm…the first day out designing winter planters, of course!  Mother Nature never fails to have great timing!  It was a cold, snowy November which made it a difficult season, trudging through day by day to get the decorating done!

Two tools got us through the season.  Igloo jugs of hot water and the handy Hori Hori knife.

It’s amazing how hot the water stays in the Igloo jugs. I filled up 5 each morning and we would use the hot water throughout the day to “soften” the frozen soil enough to get the frozen soil chunks out with the Hori Hori knife.

Never heard of a Hori Hori Knife?

This is the Ultimate gardening tool! It’s so useful and it’s inexpensive.  I’ve tried several different brands but the Fiskars knife pictured above is my favorite. If you have a gardener on your gift list this year, I highly recommend buying this tool, they will thank you!

On to the fun stuff…

Fun and Festive








Which style you do you prefer?

Wishing you a warm and peaceful holiday season-