Winter Planters

Winter planters are done!

The snow has started to fall and planters are frozen!

That is music to my ears! 🙂

Winter planters can be challenging because you never know when Mother Nature is going to put a wrench in things.  I was really nervous about winter planters this year because literally on the first two days of scheduled jobs we got hit with our lowest temps of the year, 2 nights in the teens. Yikes, frozen planters immediately…thank goodness I had the stomach flu and couldn’t work anyways! Everything ended up working out great this year, after those first two days I was feeling better and temperatures had warmed up! The entire 3 1/2 weeks of winter planters remained mild, no snow and only 2 rainy days. I’ll take that any year!

Here’s a small sampling of this years winter designs. You’ll see that birch poles were a recurring theme this year! I had more requests for birch poles than ever before.


I love designing winter planters…all the textures, colors and forms of materials are fun to work with!

Some clients will ask for an all “natural” look, no sparkles, no ribbon, etc.






More birch poles…



Mother Nature adds the real beauty to winter planters with fresh snow!

Wishing you a warm winter season-