4 Great Garden Reads

While the flowers grow this summer I have a little extra time on my hands.  My favorite thing to do during the summer is to lay in the sun (preferably by an ocean) and a read a great book.  Of course some of my favorite reading is garden related. Here are 4 great garden reads for you to check out!

French Dirt -A fun summer read that will transport you to the beautiful countryside of France! Reading this made me wish I could have a garden experience like the one told about in this book. A true gem to read for anyone who loves France or gardening or both 🙂

Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden– A beauty of a book!  I follow Erin of Floret Farms on social media and always admire her work. Erin has put together not only a beautiful book but also very informative! This book is worthy of displaying on your coffee table.

The Language of Flowers– I actually read this book a few years ago and decided I needed to read it again! Love, love, love this story! I loved it even more the second time I read it! A must read for anyone, even if you don’t like flowers!

People With Dirty Hands– The name says it all!  An interesting collection of short stories about those who have a passion for all types of gardening. I especially enjoyed reading about the Texas Rose Rustlers, Estate Gardeners (and sprinkler genius’–much-needed on a large estate), and Lillian the Medicine Gardener.

I’m hoping summer will slow down and I can get some more reading in!



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