Succulent Squad-Day 2

Day 2 of working on the Succulent Squad was back-breaking!! It was rock moving day!

Rocks have never been my thing, until I saw how Laura designs with rocks. It was amazing to see how the landscape transformed after the rocks were layered into the design.

Laura uses many different types of rock in her designs which is what makes it so eye-catching.

A lot of shoveling and wheelbarrowing were going on! Look at the beauty the rocks create!

During the lunch break we took a quick walk across the hill to see the neighbor’s landscape that Laura designed and installed last summer.

What amazing beauty she creates!

Here are a few more shots from the job site we were working on.

I was the lucky one, another fun adventure with Laura and Hannah! Looking forward to many more!

I wish I could have stuck around for day three.

You can see the finished project here-The Grand Reveal

Laura is a true ARTIST, what a pleasure to work with her! Thank you Laura, for opening up my eyes to whole new type of design and to the wonderful world of succulents.  Now, I’m off to study all the names of those amazing plants, it may take me a few years learn them all!