Spring Checklist for Container Plantings

Spring is just a few days away!  Are you ready to get your hands in the dirt, I am!

Here’s a checklist of my favorite things I use when I plant spring containers.

1. Planters

One of my all time favorite planters is the Crescent Garden Madison Planter.  It comes in many different sizes and colors.  It’s a great basic container that can fit so many styles. The Madison planter pictured below is the largest one (48″) in old bronze.

Here’s a close up picture of the Madison planter so you can see how great the texture is.


2. Soil

Don’t skimp on your potting mix! Great soil=Great flowers!  Get a lightweight potting mix that’s for containers, this will give you the best results. The only soil I use when planting containers is Premier Pro Mix with Mycorrhizae This is a professional mix that provides great results! It is a large, heavy bag and not suited for everyone!

If you prefer to use a potting mix that is easier to handle and more suited for home-use then I recommend Espoma Organic Potting Mix it’s also great for containers.

Product Details3. Potrisers Invisible Pot Feet

Product Details

These are a must!!!  This simple product solves two problems when you have planters around your home. By placing Potrisers under your pots you are increasing the drainage which is critical to healthy flowers and you are eliminating the chances of your planters leaving stains on your surfaces.

Saucers under pots are a bad idea! They trap the water under the planter leading to root rot and poor flower growth.

Don’t let this happen to you!

By simply using Potrisers Invisible Pot Feet  you will avoid poor drainage and stains. Both you and your flowers will be happy about this! They come in several different sizes and are quick and easy to use.

4. Watering

Water is critical to healthy flowers. My favorite way to water is with Dramm Rain Wand with Shutoff.

When I need to fertilize planters I use this fancy Watering Can, just kidding on the fancy part, but this REALLY is my favorite watering can!


Why you ask?  Well you see, many of the places I plant at have the most unusual water faucets and this is the watering can is the easiest to fill. By having the fill up on the back of the can you don’t have to mess with trying to get a handle under a faucet. That probably doesn’t make sense to most people but in my line of work, it can be a real problem!

Side note I always take off the sprinkler head when I use the watering can, I don’t have enough patience to wait for the water to come out of the sprinkler head, it’s way too slow!

5.  Fertilizer

When you fill your planters with soil you need to add Osmocote , a slow-release fertilizer, it’s like cheap insurance for your flowers.


Treating your flowers with a little extra love when you water means using water-soluble fertilizer.  Add  Jacks Classic 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer and Jacks Classic Blossom Booster Fertilizer to a watering can 1x/per week.

I recommend picking one day per week to fertilize and stick to it! You can alternate use between the two fertilizers to make your flowers extra happy!
Product DetailsProduct Details

6. Boots

When I’m working outside all day I am never without My Favorite Boots.  These Bogs keep my feet warm and dry during the chilly spring planting season.

7.  Rain Gear

Michigan spring weather can be brutal-cold, rainy and windy. It took me years to find a good rain suit. I’ve gone through many only to have them rip, tear or just not keep me dry.  This Frogg Toggs Rain and Wind Suit  has been great! This will be my second season using it, so far it has held up well.

Frogg Toggs Women's All Purpose Suit, Medium, Black

You might be wondering about my favorite gloves?  The answer is none, I like to have my hands in the dirt!  I don’t wear gloves when I plant, unless it’s so cold that I have to wear my winter gloves, in that case I probably shouldn’t be out planting!

Hope you find some of my favorite things helpful when you plant your spring containers!

Happy planting-





  1. Johanna landin says:

    Where do I buy Jacks fertilizer?

    • containedgardens says:

      Locally, you may be able to purchase at Flowerland, but I am not sure? I buy mine thorugh a wholesale floral company. If you click on the link in the post you can purchase it right through Amazon, and it’s free shipping!

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