Awful April turns Amazing!

I’ve tried hard to instill the power of positive thinking in my life lately!

Our April weather has been awful but I know it will take a turn and be amazing!  This will happen soon!

Spring in Michigan is great! (power of positive thinking)

It’s great if you like freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow, strong wind, record lows, we’ve had it all in April.


The view from my office window on April 15-

The view from my office window on April 17-

Insert more positive thinking-

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. - Hal Borland

Mother Nature has taken the spring planting schedule and turned it on, turned it off, turned it upside down, chewed it up and spit it right back in my face!  Why do I even try making a schedule?

This hasn’t stressed me out one bit! (power of positive thinking) These unplanned extra days inside have actually given me more time to prepare for the May planting season coming up quickly!

Even though I haven’t stressed about the April weather, I have felt sadness for the spring flowers.  Spring flowers don’t deserve this awful treatment.  Spring flowers are simply here to give us colorful beauty and brighten our days after a long winter! Mother Nature, please give the flowers a break and allow them to do their thing!

April will become amazing, we’ll be seeing beautiful spring flowers soon! I promise!

Need a preview, here you go…

There! That cheered me up, I hope it did you too!

Happy Spring-



  1. Absolutely beautiful

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