One Last Hurrah for Summer

So they say our weather will be changing and today, yes Today, just might be the last “nice” day for awhile.  I’m going to make this post short so I can get outside and soak up as much sun and warmth as possible….hopefully enough to last me 6-7 months!!
Here’s a few pictures of annual plantings done in various landscape beds this summer.  Whether you have a large bed or a small bed, annuals are the perfect way to accent your landscape and get extra color all summer long!

Red & Purple Petunias with Lime Potato Vine

Small group of red begonias accent the perennials in the background

This client asked for a mini-cottage garden in her bed

Senorita Cleome with White Sunpatiens

Wizard Coleus with Red Begonias

Red Sunpatiens.  These took awhile to get going with the cool summer,
once they did they provided a nice mass of color

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Now get outside and enjoy the sun while we have it!