Summer Progress Report

 Hello! It’s been awhile, I decided to take an extra long summer break. (more on my summer adventures in another post)
In my April post I told you that Michigan was going to have an unseasonably cool summer. Unfortunately that was right.  In my opinion it hasn’t felt like summer, lots of rain (it’s raining as I write this) and just a few 80 degree days, not one 90 degree day yet….  In late July I was working in Grand Haven, it was 2:30 in the afternoon and the temperature was 57 degrees. Disgusting!
I know some people think this has been the best summer weather….guess they don’t like warm weather.  Some flowers have thought the same thing, some have loved the cool, wet summer and other flowers have not liked it all (I’ll side with those flowers).
Here’s some pictures to show how the flowers have grown after being planted in May/June and how they look now, in August.

Window box planted in May
Same window box in August.  The dragon wing begonias
as seen in this picture are now my all time favorite annual.
They never disappoint even in cool rainy weather!
Two pots planted in June
Same two pots in August
Planted in May
Here’s how it looks in August

More progress pictures in the next post!