California Sunshine

Nothing is better than California sunshine!  To go from the cold gray state of Michigan to the warm sunshine in California, to see Spring in full force!  I’ve been in California for the past week to spend time with my family. Everyday the sun has been shining and it’s been in the the high 70’s/ low 80’s.  What can be better than that in early April!  Of course, I couldn’t resist planting a few flowers while I’ve been here.  My brother had five new pots that were just screaming to be planted.  With my picky sister-in-law in tow ( I have to give her a bad time since she’s making me work while I am on vacation!) we went and picked out flowers for the new planters that line their outdoor kitchen/living space.  She is hosting a wedding shower in their backyard on Saturday and even though their backyard is already stunning….a little more color won’t hurt!

Here’s the outcome
The combo includes a new Proven Winner ‘lemon slice’ Million Bells, Lobularia ‘snow princess’ (one of my favorites), white Geranium as a filler in the back of the pot and in the center is Bougainvillea (sorry to those of you in Michigan this is not a widely available plant in our  climate).  I love the color of this Barbara Karst Bougainvillea.
Even my picky sister-in-law approved!  Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on Saturday afternoon!