Container Gardening Presentation “Put it in a Pot”

Back in November I was asked to speak at the Millennium Garden Club Spring Fundraiser on March 19.  What a great way to kick off spring!  Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating. The Millennium Garden Club is a group of garden enthusiasts in DeWitt (just north of Lansing).  This is an annual fundraiser for the group, the event is open to the public and I was glad they had a great turnout, selling over 200 tickets!  I think my presentation went well… well the Garden Club President had to use a hook to pull me off the stage. 🙂  Before I knew it, 1hr45min had gone by and I was still talking and I still had a number of slides to show!  It’s easy to talk about something you love!  I had a great group to present to, they asked good questions, and they did a great job with the “Plant Jeopardy” questions I asked throughout the presentation. Here are photos from the night and a few photos of containers I’ve planted that I used in my Power Point Presentation. 

Gathering before the presentation
Thank you Rick from the garden club for sending me the photos!

Summer Container Plantings along Lake Michigan

 Thanks to the Millennium Garden Club for letting me be a part of this fun event!