Happy Happy Happy

Two things have inspired me to title this post….Happy Happy Happy!
Here is one of them

A Poster I saw

We have had some great weather the past few days and it has lifted everyone’s spirit in the Grand Rapids area.  Everyone is Happy!
When I planted flowers this week at a client’s home she actually hugged me when she saw me…because she was so Happy to see me and the flowers I was planting in her planters.  Never had that happen before, but it made me feel, well…Happy!
Last week I was working in the East Grand Rapids area and drove by the Breton Village Mall. I had to stop to take this picture.  The entire landscape was a sea of yellow and white daffodils.

Seeing this will make you Happy! The picture doesn’t do it justice!

I didn’t even plant a quarter of the usual spring plantings that I do because of the April weather, but I am Happy that it’s May and it’s time to get in full gear for summer plantings. Enjoy these photos of a few of the spring plantings I have done in the past week.  I hope they make you Happy!

I almost forget to mention my second inspiration for the title of this blog….For all of you who are fans of Duck Dynasty…thank you Phil for this now famous phrase!
Happy Happy Happy!