Inspirational Quotes

I have a bulletin board in my office that I keep inspirational quotes on. It’s nothing fancy, it actually looks like a jumbled mess, but I like it!  Some quotes I cut out of magazines, some I have heard and typed and some are scribbled on post it notes.  My favorite quote for this time of year is this one:
“Out of the strain of Doing, into the peace of Done.”  Julia Louise Woodruff -1910
For six weeks it was nothing but crazy, busy, nonstop work.  When mid-June arrives I always feel relieved that I survived the past six weeks! Now I can sit back and enjoy the peace of Done!  Well sort of….still have a few planting jobs this week and next week I will be switched over to maintenance mode.   I still need to plant my own flowers, our house is always last on the list and the left overs are what end up in my pots and annual beds.  I’m happy that watering only takes about 5 minutes now!

“Out of the strain of Doing..
Six Weeks ago-A lot of work ahead of me!

Into the peace of Done!”
Today-What’s left over.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share more of my planting jobs that I haven’t had a chance to. Until next time, enjoy the flowers around you!