17 Favorite Summer Planters

This will be my 17th summer planting season, so I thought it would be fun to pick my 17 favorite summer planters.  Contained Gardens was established in the fall of 2001, hard to believe it, 17 years of flower fun!

Funny how even flowers change! You think about how styles come and go with fashion, paint colors, or home design but you never think about it with flowers.

Writing this post took me on a trip down memory lane…. my portfolio used to be a small scrapbook, that’s what I would show new clients. The scrapbook featured photos for each planting season.  Oh how things have changed! It also made me a little sentimental, seeing how many clients have been with me since the beginning and looking back at their previous homes in some of the photos.  Sappy stuff but most of these clients feel like an extended part of my family, my “flower” family!

Here you go, my 17 favorite summer planters since 2001! (in no particular order)

Looking forward to creating some new favorite summer planters this year!