All things Magnolia and Visiting the Silos

I have to admit something, I have an addiction.  An addiction to the HGTV show Fixer Upper!  Does anyone else have this same addiction? During the winter months you can find me lounging around on a Saturday glued to HGTV if they are running a Fixer Upper marathon. Chip and Joanna Gaines are the best! Chip is hilarious and I love Joanna’s design style. Once I start watching the show I just can’t stop!!  I also love The Magnolia Journal, just finished this issue-

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And I just finished reading their book The Magnolia Story

I loved the book! It made me smile and laugh as I got a glimpse into their life and it made me realize we all experience similar things in life.  It was fun to read and amazing to see how their fame unfolded. The book also has nice inspirational touches!

After finishing the book, it made me want to go back and visit the Silos again. It also made me realize that I never shared my trip to the Silos. I had planned to share my visit but when I got back from my trip, I was knee-deep into  the “May Madness” planting season so the post got lost in la-la land.

Here’s how it all happened…..

Last spring I spent a week in Austin, Texas attending an inspirational retreat for creative business owners.  The retreat alone was an amazing experience and worthy of its own post, some day! Being so close to Waco, I knew I had to take this opportunity to visit the Silos.

I left Austin Sunday night, later than I had planned because I had to watch the bats fly out from under the Congress Ave Bridge. (another experience worthy of its own post)  It was about midnight when I arrived and I was surprised to be welcomed to Waco in style. The two bridges you cross as you arrive in Waco are lit up, almost in a blinding fashion! Check it out!


Monday morning arrived quickly! I knew Magnolia Market opened at 10am, which gave me enough time to check out Chip and Joanna’s favorite coffee shop they made famous in Season 1, Common Grounds.  Unfortunately, Chip and Joanna weren’t there enjoying a cup of coffee, but I sure enjoyed my “Cowboy Coffee” (the specialty). I don’t know what’s in a cowboy coffee but its dang good whatever it is!


The place was so cute and quaint!!  It’s a college hangout (Baylor University is next door), the style is eclectic and it’s fun to look around at all the old stuff they have decorating the place!  If you go to Waco, don’t pass this stop up!

I’m fueled up now, with 30 minutes to spare before the big opening! I took a quick drive through the campus of Baylor, it’s beautiful!


Even stopped to check out the famous Baylor mascots, Joy and Lady.

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It’s now 9:50am, I arrive at Magnolia Market only to see a line of people waiting to get in.  I didn’t expect a line to get in on a Monday morning, I guess I’m not the only addict!  While standing in line I take it all in….the sight of the silos, the sounds of the lawn area where people are hanging out and playing lawn games and the smell of the food trucks that line the property. Oh my gosh, it’s almost too much….to think that I am REALLY here!


It’s just after 10am when I enter the store, someone is greeting everyone and handing out cute shopping bags.  My first thought was, this shopping bag is going to get filled up real quick, I might need two of these bags!


Within about 30 minutes the shop was elbow to elbow. I actually hate to shop and I do not like crowded places, however that wasn’t the case when I was at Magnolia Market.  I don’t know what it was but this place had a magic spell over me.

magnolia 7


The displays were amazing, Joanna’s style all the way!

The store is an old grain elevator and I love that they kept it the real deal.  It’s amazing that they were able to turn this abandoned property into such a great place to visit!DSC_0487

Two hours later, I finally emerge from the store with a few findings. It’s lunch time and the food trucks are calling my name! I’m a sucker for food trucks! It was hard to decide but I finally went with this truck, Milo. I had a delicious biscuit sandwich called “Sic’em On A Chicken” with truffle fries. Yum!

Look how cute this food truck is!

After lunch I discovered another part of the silos.

Right up my alley! Maybe I can get a job here as a Magnolia gardener?

This is the garden shop!

I shed a few tears when I approached the door and read the sign.

I was so disappointed that it was not open,  now I definitely have to go back!  I hear there is a bakery too, which was still in the works when I was there.

I grabbed another Cowboy Coffee for the road and headed back to Austin.

Chip and Joanna have turned the Silos into a magical place and I’m happy that I was able experience it! For all you Fixer Upper fans, it’s worth a visit!






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