Summer Progress Report

This has been an amazing summer, lots of sun and warm temperatures! The flowers are loving this weather, if they are properly cared for! I have to admit I’m loving this weather too!

I wanted to share pictures (and a little commentary) showing the progress of the summer flowers that were planted in May and June. I love seeing the before and after pictures! I hope you do too!

Here we go…

The pots below have blown me away this summer!!! There are four of these bowl-style pots that line a driveway, all four are planted the same and all 4 have performed equally well. It is a beautiful site to see when you turn into the driveway (or if you’re driving by, they are very visible from the road), drop dead gorgeous flowers!

All four pictures are of the same pot, just taken at a different angle.

      Back of pot in May                                  Back of pot in August

IMG_3994 IMG_4786

Front of pot in May                            Front of pot in August

IMG_3995 summer16

The planters below (there are four) in front of a large commercial building downtown Grand Rapids. They get absolutely no care all summer long, except for the drip line in the pots that provide water. I was quite happy to see that the flowers are growing nicely!

                 May                                                                  July

IMG_4214 IMG_4727


The planter below has filled in nicely and makes a bold statement is this otherwise dark space!

                   May                                                          August

IMG_4221 Summer16-5

                          May                                                   July

IMG_4406  Summer16-3

                     June                                                   August

IMG_4527 IMG_4776

                      June                                                        August

IMG_4535 summer-16-7

Check out this annual bed, it is exploding in color!!! Hard to believe the change in just two months! Seeing this makes me jump for joy!

                     June                                                      August

IMG_4526 Summer16-1

I don’t have a picture of this planter when I first planted it, which was early May. Yes, it was planted EARLY and withstood the SNOW we had in the middle May. I didn’t even have to replace anything, this is a hardy one and a beauty!

                   June                                                         August

IMG_4733 Summer16-9

The picture below is a tree under-planting. Anytime you have to plant under a tree, it’s tough for the annuals because they are competing for root space with the tree and the dappled light can cause issues with the annuals filling in nicely. This area has exceeded my expectations this summer! Sorry the pictures don’t do it justice, I wish you could see this in person, it’s fabulous!

               June                                                        August

IMG_4531  Summer16-12

                                  May                                                                                 August

IMG_4142 Summer16-8


It makes me so happy to see all the color the flowers are providing this summer. I hope you enjoyed the show!

Cheers to all the beautiful summer flowers-



  1. I need to know what your feeding these gorgeous flowers!!!

  2. Erma Freitas says:

    I keep going back and looking at these.. they make me happy too! :))

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