The Fallnally

The colors have faded, the leaves have disappeared and the air is feeling less fall-like.
Ugghh, it’s already November!  The fall planting season wrapped up later than usual, as a matter of fact it ran right into the winter decorating season.  As I write this, my hands are covered in pine sap and red spray paint, the joys of winter decorating!

The fall planting season went well and I had all intentions of sharing these plantings with you sooner, but time never allowed. These pictures feel like old news already, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy them!

The fall season concluded with a fun decorating project for a client’s Halloween Barn Party.
It included a 6 hour session of cleaning out and drilling 36 polka dot pumpkins.  What fun and what a mess!
The pumpkins were used to make this cute path that was lit at night. Wish I had a picture of it lit up but of course I don’t!
I even got my boys to help with decorating for the party. They are expert scarecrow builders! Yes, those are cows cheering them on in the background!
The scarecrows were used as a fun front door decoration at the party.
Oops! Wrong picture, but those sure are two cute Scarecrows!!
The real ones are below. 🙂



So many more pictures from the party but I’m out of time and space! Sorry that was a long one! That’s what happens when I let so much time go by with out posting!



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