It’s Officially Here

September 23, 4:21am, it’s official, fall is here. The mums have been arriving in droves and are patiently awaiting their turn to be planted.

I’m loving this summer-like weather here in Michigan, would have been nice to have had this weather during the summer!  Guess the weatherman didn’t get the memo that fall is officially here. 😉 To give the weatherman a little credit, the mornings have been fall-like, quite chilly, but afternoons feel like summer.

Fall plantings have been going smoothly with the exception of a broom corn shortage this year, due to a crop failure from the supplier. I’ve found a small source for broom corn but I don’t think it will last me throughout the entire fall planting season. My heart will be broken when the broom corn is gone, it’s by far my favorite fall accent to use in pots, as you’ll see in a few of the pictures below.

Here are some plantings from the past few weeks, enjoy!

Have I ever mentioned that mums are my least favorite flower, isn’t that a sad thing for me to say. Sad, but true. Thought is was an appropriate time to mention that since the picture above doesn’t have a mum in it.

Back to planting now, in this wonderful summer-like weather!

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