Up and Coming Annuals

Spring is creeping in VERY slowly!  No matter what nature has in mind, I’m still excited for the new season. I’ve been keeping myself occupied by dreaming about planter combinations for this season.  The onset of new plants always gives me a whole new line of thinking when it comes to planting. There are so many new annuls every year, but here are some that I am really excited about this year!

Superbells ‘spicy’
Petunia ‘african sunset’

Orange is always a popular color and there aren’t many orange flowers to pick from.  I’m looking forward to adding these to the collection. I’m especially looking forward to the Petunia ‘african sunset’.  I’ve never worked with a true orange petunia…so exciting!!

Supertunia ‘flamingo’

A new Proven Winners supertunia, it’s a smaller version of one of my all time favorites, vista bubblegum.

Gomphrena ‘pink zazzle’

Gomphrena is under used because it’s hard to find.  I love this new color! Its a hard working annual and it adds great texture to combos.

Lanai Verbena ‘twister pink’ 

 Really like the two shades of pink.

Petunia ‘blue fuse’

This petunia could be fun! It’s hard to find a “true” blue annual. It looks more purple in the picture but hopefully it’s blue in person.

Colcasia ‘noble gigante’

Also known as elephant ear, great for tropical containers.

Kong Jr. Coleus

I love any type of Coleus, this one will be great because it will be smaller and more compact than the regular Kong Coleus which grows like crazy!!

There’s always a chance that these new annuals could be a “one season wonder” but hopefully some will stick around for many seasons to come.

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